Retail sales of caviar from the Acipenser farm are organised via three different channels

The firm Rova Caviar

Born on 26th June 2017, Madagascar’s national day, Rova Caviar pays homage to the purity of the Red Island’s terroir for a clientele that loves the most subtle dishes in the world and is looking for exclusiveness and experience.


The premium Kasnodar Caviar brand

Created in 2018, the contrast of origins reflects the brand’s philosophy via a strong two-tone identity of two universes : « Black » for the effervescence of city nights and « White » for the unique atmosphere of celebrations in broad daylight, in winter and summer. Kasnodar Caviar is the promise of a new experience : the limitless, universal joy of living.


The so-called « Retailer’s Brand » or « White Label » sales reserved for country importers.

Since 2019, ADC SELECTION France, a company specialising in the import and export of fresh and exceptional products from Madagascar, has been delivering Acipenser caviar worldwide.