Our partners

Acipenser is the brainchild of Delphyne, Christophe and Alexandre, the heads of Akanjo, a clothing firm making ready-to-wear for leading French fashion houses. Eager to take on a new challenge, these creators of luxury items and adventurers at heart had the idea of setting up the first sturgeon farm in Africa and the Indian Ocean.

They built up a young, energetic team passionate about aquaculture and especially sturgeon, and the first eggs hatched into the first larvae on 1st April 2013.

This large-scale, long-term project aims to give you outstanding caviar.



To achieve something truly extraordinary, start by dreaming about it. Then, wake up calmly and go right on to achieve your dream without ever getting discouraged.



A major project and an extraordinary adventure with the common thread of promoting the Madagascar terroir by creating an outstanding product.



This project is a kind of recognition: we call on patience, endurance, team spirit... but the game is worth the candle, it's a childhood dream coming true.

Our site managers



Fish Farm Manager


My team and I have to control and optimise all the breeding and environmental parameters of the onshore facility and the lake facility. We make sure that the females develop in optimal comfort for healthy, regular growth. Once they mature, we select the best females with the most beautiful roes to produce the best caviar. Quality is our priority! This way of doing things enables us to give caviar lovers and the finest gourmets in the field an outstanding caviar!


Lake Facility Assistant Manager


I am the Assistant Manager of the lake facility. I assist the Fish Farm Manager on the lake side of the business. Our facility gows out the sturgeon with the aim of selecting caviar females of sufficient quality and quantity for the processing workshop. We also monitor the quality of the lake water, on which we depend entirely in order to provide optimal comfort for the fish.


Onshore Facility Assistant Manager


As the hatchery manager, my job is to make sure that this stage runs smoothly from incubating the embryos to releasing the fry when they weigh 7g. Then comes monitoring the fish during pre-growout and growout, and at each development stage, we analyse all the zootechnical indicators that enable us to achieve our objective. Monitoring and complying with breeding conditions to give the fish stock maximum comfort is very important to us, and with the support of the prophylaxis and zootechnical indicator unit, we are moving towards high-quality production.


Feed Mill Manager


With the help of my staff, my role is to manage the feed manufacturing plant to feed our sturgeon. The manufacturing process begins with carefully selecting raw materials, which are largely local, followed by several stages that have to be perfectly mastered to achieve quality feed. My task is to ensure proper performance in the plant by managing production, the stock of inputs and finished products as well as administration via implementing and monitoring working methods and performance indicators. We produce our own fish feed to guarantee the quality of our caviar because we can control the entire production chain with this practice. Our feed gives us healthy fish and optimises their growth and caviar production.

Caviar processing


Processing Workshop Manager


My key tasks are to supervise, control and manage the production teams in the caviar chain and the fish chain, making sure they comply with proper hygiene and manufacturing practices. I train and educate the staff on all the sensitive points that may affect caviar quality while trying to pass on the passion for working with this outstanding product. All production stages are analysed in order to achieve high quality caviar and meet customer specifications. Thoroughness and vigilance are the watchwords in production.


Processing Workshop Assistant Manager


My role in the Acipenser farm is planning and coordinating activities while ensuring compliance with best manufacturing practices and production requirements both in quantity and quality. I carry out strict monitoring throughout the production chain: every little detail and every gesture counts to ensure the quality of these black pearls.


Production Manager and Caviar Taster


My job consists in producing caviar and improved fish flesh on one side, and on the other, I am the organoleptic manager, i.e. I check sensory quality before and after the caviar matures. The production management and I define the range of this in tandem.



Administrative Director


I visited Acipenser Fish Farm in 2015 and immediately thought it was quite a gamble to believe it possible to farm sturgeon and produce caviar in Madagascar. I am glad I was mistaken because six years later, I find myself embarked on this great adventure as Administrative Director where I ensure the company’s regulatory watch by highlighting legal obligations such as updating authorisations and environmental permits and renewing the ISO 14001 environmental standards certification for which I am the Pilot Manager. I also oversee HR services and security. As support for the other farming and production departments, I work in close collaboration with the quality and environment department.


Quality Manager


I guarantee the compliance of our product and all of our practices. So my task is to set up procedures, operating methods as markers/references for all sectors throughout the facility and to monitor them to ensure we are always up to standard. The challenge is to maintain our ISO 14001 certification from 2017, our health and animal health approvals from 2018 and 2019, and also to support the company in new perspectives, even new certifications.


Assistant Quality Manager


I support the Quality Manager in the proper application of the quality system in our company. On the environment and CSR side, I ensure waste management and the upkeep of green spaces in the facilities. Through these actions, I organise training and awareness-raising on protecting the environment internally and externally.


Maintenance Manager


The maintenance team is an active and omnipresent support for each business process. So my key task is to guarantee that our equipment and facilities function properly so that each operational flow ensures their respective deliverables in the best conditions and as soon as possible for our exceptional caviar line.
Discipline, demanding and ongoing improvement are the leitmotifs in accomplishing my team’s daily tasks, and in this way contributing to their performance while also taking into account the impact of our activity on the environment.