Far more than just a department within the farm, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability are pillars of Acipenser's identity. Beyond its commitment to excellence, the farm places paramount importance on environmental preservation and the development of local communities.

Our projects in focus

Regularly collaborating with local organizations to understand their diverse needs, the CSR department organizes numerous initiatives to provide sustainable solutions to their territorial challenges. Discover a selection of ongoing projects:


The Ambatolaona region suffers from numerous forest fires that have a detrimental impact on the environment. Faced with this ecological disaster, Acipenser has devised a sustainable reforestation plan to preserve the area. In addition to planting over 1500 trees and plants in 2019 in collaboration with public schools, Acipenser seeks to address this issue through the implementation of the « trees per employee » project since 2022.

Education is paramount for the sustainable development of a community, and the farm is committed to raising awareness among the population about environmental preservation, particularly of the surrounding forest, through regular interventions in collaboration with schools and the local government.



With the aim of minimizing its impact on the environment, the farm is committed to recycling the majority of the waste it generates. For this purpose, each recycling facility is audited to ensure the compliance of its waste valorization process. Within the farm, sorting bins are set up to raise awareness among employees and promote better waste management. A true cooperation is then established, allowing the creation of a circular economy, notably with the case of the association of art ironwork which transforms the original caviar tins into splendid decorative objects. The funds raised subsequently enable the reintegration of their employees and the creation of a school for their children.

Supporting orphanages

Rova Caviar, the group's Prestige House, annually supports orphanages such as Akamasoa, Tsimoka, and Adelaide to assist them in their priority projects such as house construction, kitchen rehabilitation, or the purchase of school supplies and basic necessities. To help these different centers, renowned chefs participate in a fundraising evening comprising an exceptional dinner prepared by several hands. Also, thanks to everyone's contribution, a meal distribution is organized between beneficiary children and chefs.

  • Funds raised in 2022: 118,900,000 ariary, equivalent to €25,850 for 16,000 children.
  • Funds raised in 2023: 263,387,660 ariary, equivalent to €54,870 for 18,000 children.
Fête des mères et des pères

Mother's and Father's Day

Employee well-being at the farm is a priority. Therefore, once a year, parents working at Acipenser enjoy a friendly moment with their children where activities and snacks are organized. A pure moment of emotion, it is an opportunity for employees to be thanked for their daily commitment.

Key figures for 2023 :

9,003.15 kg

of sturgeon head and flesh

donated to the Akamasoa, Adelaide,
Toko Telo, and Kanana orphanages.



restocked in Lake Mantasoa
to promote sustainable fishing.


landfill rate

for waste.