First Caviar from Africa and the Indian Ocean

Rova Caviar was born on June 26, 2017, Madagascar's National Day. « Rova », a reference to the Queen's Palace that majestically overlooks the capital city of Antananarivo, is a symbol of national pride and is emblematically represented on its « Black Gold » caviar tins.

Since its inception, the Maison has been dedicated to offering its clientele an opportunity to explore caviars with distinctive characteristics, all produced in the pristine natural settings of Madagascar. Rova Caviar offers rare tasting experiences.

World-class Michelin-starred chefs from around the world and esteemed spirit distilleries enhance Rova Caviar collection through surprising and delightful pairings.


A Home in harmony with nature

Perched at an altitude of 1,400 meters, about sixty kilometers east of Antananarivo, Lake Mantasoa is fed solely by rainwater. Far from any pollution or industry, it provides exceptionally pure, fresh water.

Maison Rova Caviar takes advantage of this pristine natural environment to raise its sturgeons in perfectly ecological conditions.


Exceptional Caviars

As a caviar producer through Acipenser farm, Maison Rova Caviar meticulously selects its roe to offer you the most refined caviar varieties. Four out of six types of caviar are currently available: Baeri, Ossetra, Persicus, and Shipova.

Sevruga and Beluga caviars will be offered in the coming years.